Heart in craft

India is abundant with art and craft visible in every corner, be it the pottered crocks by artisans of Bulandshahr, the elegant blue pottery of Jaipur, or the beautiful metal décor sculpted in Moradabad. We want you to experience this exquisiteness and beauty that exists in the works of our craftsmen so that you savor the aroma of our age-old traditions that have been, over time, refined with modern designs and patterns. We believe that more than the ultimate craft, the artist’s artistry holds all the power, it’s what elicits the true beauty of any skill, and no modern-day technology can replace this human element.

A dive into the diverse world of Indian heritage crafts.

India is known for its penchant for creating art through skilled artistry of sculpting, hand painting, carving, and weaving since the earliest of times. These elegant handcrafting skills go hand in hand, creating the beautiful synthesis in the exquisite works that we see today.

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From artistic vases, terracotta chimes to the thirst-quenching ‘Surahi’ and ‘Matki’, pottery as an art and craft form remains one of the most timeless living craft traditions of India.

Wood Carving

A classic art that has been passed through generations by craftsmen, recognized for a plethora of handicrafts in wood like furniture, decorative panel, frames, and a lot more.

Hand Painting

Hand painting is a traditional specialized form of art that involves painting elegant designs on various articles, combining traditional Indian folk-art styles, modern canvases, and materials.

Hand Weaving

A unique art of creating textile using different weaving techniques. Handwoven crafts resemble the sparkling and majestic rivers merging to form the most prolific artistry of all times.